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                   ADULT O
                            with Jeannine
                          in Newport
Open studio is a relaxed studio environment that provides the time, the space and the materials to express, experiment, discover and expand ideas to create art. Work or play with watercolors, tempera paints and drawing supplies. Collage and mixed media add another level to the process integrating materials and ideas. 
Start gathering your ideas and materials!  

This is not an instruction class but some guidance is available. 
 Great Environment For:

  • singles and couples
  • budding and seasoned artists
  • moms/dads who need a break
  • girls' or guys' night out
  • grandmothers/fathers
  • family night (teen and adult members)
  • special interest groups 
  • Professionals 
Call Jeannine to arrange for an Open Studio Workshop
for your group or party.  401-847- 8034 / 714-7263.

                                      Girls Night Out
                    OPEN STUDIO APPROACHES         
         see the images below and to the right for examples

Independent Study allows artists to work with their media of choice towards their own unique ideas and personal expectations, using their own materials and resources.

Spontaneous Art  and Art with Intention are individual  paths too. Creating spontaneously lets participants enjoy playful experimentation of materials and process. Choose an intention in your mind of what you want from the experience for more purposeful work. Everything is provided for basic exploration of materials but participants can also bring their own liquid or tube acrylics and other supplies if they prefer. 

or mixed media can be impromptu or carefully planned using found magazine images, maps, sheet music, itineraries, photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, ribbon, buttons, specialty papers, fabric, etc. Collecting these items is part of the process that you can start before coming  to an open studio.

Enjoy the process of building a theme and organizing your ideas and collections into a work of art. 

Art with Intention leads us to do, to identify, to express something very specific.
For example. "I've come to open studio:
to relax
  • to be daring and try a new medium
  • to be expressive
  • to follow a passion 
  • to experiment with color
  • to design something
  • to make a collage
  • to develop an idea 
  • to deal with an issue (like always being late) - create something about time, clocks, watches, hour glass  
  • to get help with a work in progress
  • to learn how to start an art project

Through our intentions and our art we can visually reflect 
aspects of ourselves and interests. Each new 
intention defines
us from a different perspective.


                     THE MEN'S POINT OF VIEW      

              Mark Reutter, reporter and author of Making Steel paints his life passion, railroads.      
                    Railroad Bridge, watercolor, Mark     

             Dave reflects on his heritage and his gifts.       
Dave's Legacy, watercolor

                                  Dans Desire: To be in a romantic relationship.               
                                     Dan's Desire, pastel         

                   Start your creative art practice today!    

Art (making) requires an act of supreme integration. (Kramer 1971)  Motor coordination, intellect,  imagination
and emotion must function  together in balanced concert..."
(Henley 1992)

                                   The Pursuit of Passion              
                                   Acrylic, Anne Johnson

Open Studio

A Mother / Daughter Time

 Swimming Together, 
 a Family Relationship 
pastel, Mary Nyman


A Summer Sail,
Relax into your Drawing 
Pastel, Virginia Nyman 

 Relationship issues weigh heavily and loom over her tiny figure.
 An Emotional Response,
 the Condition of a Heart 

Acrylic, Monica 

Visualizing how to cut through all the distractions.
Dealing with Chaos,
a Road Map 
Acrylic, Jeannine Bestoso

Joyces business and passion for genealogy leads to painting portratis of the ancestors.
Follow Your Passion,
 Family Hierloom Portraits
Acrylic, Joyce Wicks

Staying Cool, pastel, Laura.
 Staying Cool,
a Quick Expressive Drawing 
Pastel, Laura Haber

Annes. orange and slick white expression.
Spontaneous Art
and Pure Color Expression
Acrylic, Anne Johnson

Everything Has It's Place
Virginia Nyman

Calligraphy Quotation,
 Practice, practice, practice!
Ink, Jeannine Bestoso





Write, reflect, develop ideas
and paint.

 Zsuzsas Life compartmentalized. Oils.    
Holding It Together, Oils,
Zsuzsa Gill
Elizabeths image is one to identify with. Oil pastel.
 Up to Her Neck, Oil Pastel, Elizabeth Reese

Depicitng one of  many flying dreams.
 Flying Low, Watercolor and tempera, J. Bestoso

Andys energy revealed.
Inside Outside, Pastel
Andrew Gillis

Fall / Winter 2019
Studio Workshops that deal with life changes, grief and finding outlets of expression

Art and Introspection
The purpose of this workshop is to create a painting or drawing with personal meaning and that convey parts of the self and a message along with strong elements of composition, color and design.

The workshop begins with the approach of journal writing to reflect on our personal daily living routines and lives, dreams, relationships, emotions, experiences, philosophies, and more.  By immersing ourselves with supportive visuals from magazines, photographs and other art along with our written reflections, doodles and sketches we can define our preferences and issues of importance, make connections, and find a creative path to embark on.

Art making can begin with a poem, a collage, thumbnail drawings and small paintings.  Going forward  goals are set goals and preferences are set to work on their ideas and complete a fully developed painting. Paintings not finished in the workshop can be completed at home or in an Open Studio Session.

Maximum 6 participants
Each 4HR. workshop: $60. / Sign up for one or all.

Materials to bring: Canvas or paper size around 18x24, acrylic, oil paints or oil pastels, brushes. Bring gloss medium for acrylic paints and turpentine etc. for oils and pastels.
Magazines, photos and any supportive visuals for developing ideas. Some studio materials and visuals can be available.

 Registration and pre-payment is required with:
  Jeannine at 401-714-7263 / 847-8034

                    Jades routine    
                     Jade's Morning Coffee, acrylic 





An Available Space or Venue

 6 PM to 9 PM

 Includes Materials

$30 prepaid
$35 at the door

Virginia and Mary
 working  with leader,
Jeannine Bestoso

 Create a  painting in just 3 hours.  

Working from
 Art History and Surrounding Area Scenery

Paintings below are copies
 of Art History Masters

Painted by
Jeannine Bestoso

Edward Hopper

Rooms by the Sea

Two Paintings Copied  from
Claude Monet

Water Lilies


 Frank Benson

Calm Morning

Winslow Homer

 Fog Warning 

Mt. St. Victoire  


A Corporate Workshop

Howard Hughes Institute

Vanderbilt Hall, Newport


How It Works
Follow along with the artist to create a new painting each month.  You will learn, step by step, how to start and finish a painting. Instructions are easy to follow for all skill levels. Everyone begins with an 11x14 blank canvas with a setup of acrylic paints. At the end of the class the quick painters can have a finished painting to take home. But don't worry if you don't finish because you can always come back the next month to your work in progress.  

   Genres to Paint:
Local Landmarks, Land and Seascapes, Old Masters

Or: Bring your own ideas or look through my resources.  

         Come early and bring your favorite wine and a snack.

            It 's so much fun you forget everything else.


 Painters and  Paintings from the Workshops

Sam's 'Water Lilies'
              Kerry Anne's 'Calm at Green Bridge'
                                          Pauline's 'Hanging Rock'

                            Peggy Paints 'Hanging Rock'   

                         Jeannine's 'Rose Island Lighthouse' 

                             Albert Paints the Lighthouse

                             Kathy's 'First Beach Rocks'
Registration is required at: 
 with a confirmation call to:  Jeannine at 401-714-7263 / 8478034
 Fee: $35.00 at the door / or Prepay $30.00 and save $5.00

Space limited to 8 participants.


View more information about these workshops and other classes at: 
                                     New Classes & Events


Schools, groups and clubs can choose or request a certain genre,
artist, theme, style or period relevant to their own interests or

Team Building Groups:
 Members of a group can rotate in 'Round
Robin' fashion to work on each and every painting. Each person
leaves with the painting that they were working on when the workshop ends.

Corporate Arts-based Training Workshops:
Please  call  a consultation about pricing, project options and tailoring projects to your unique business operations.

      2011 Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Vanderbilt Hall


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