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Urbana, IL 1993 to 2006 / Newport, RI 2006 to 2007


Independent I  

This was the sign that hung outside of Creation Art Studios in Urbana.
The "Independent I" represents creativity, inner strength and resourcefulness. I first drew it in my sketchbook when I was feeling empty and out of ideas. By sitting, waiting and dabbling I drew the image. I felt renewed and encouraged as it took form, discovering a strong sense of self
 with a new purpose and the volition to carry it out.
  The more I drew from my imagination, a thought, a dream or a feeling the easier it became.   


                                     Interior of Creation Art Studios in Urbana
                                                                  The Studio Side

                                                                       The Gallery

                                    Creation Art Studios, Newport, RI

                          Newport, Gallery Organization Meeting At the Studio

         Testimonials from Four Former Teacher Associates In Urbana, IL

Hi Jeannine!
So good to hear about you. I was looking at your website catching up on how things were going for you and saw such wonderful things. I was reading your mission statement again which confirms and inspires in my heart what art is and how it effects people. it's really inspired me to do more art. Thank you for staying true to the heart of art, to again realize why people do art and what happens in the process-awesome. Thank you, Gloria Severin, Acting Director of Creation Art Studios.

I remember the beautiful drawing you did while driving your van. Wow, I thought, this is a an interesting,  passionate and crazy person.You have
always inspired me. You have been a
wonderful friend. Stay in love with life.
Lori Caterini, Teacher at Creation Art Studios

I miss the times I worked with you in Urbana -  I really learned a lot from you and the students - it was challenging, but fun and it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I hope you are happy back "home". You were very brave to make the leap you did but thats how you are - willing to take chances to make your life and yourself better.
Amy Richardson, Teacher at Creation Art Studios

We don't often get to tell people we love how much they mean to us and how they have impacted our lives. The day I walked into your studio I was kind of a shell of a person trying to figure out who I was.  Getting to know you and experiencing the amazing person you are I was able to heal my inner artist and return to Who I Am.  I just want to tell you that you have made an impact in my life and helped me in ways I can never repay you for.  I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me.  Thank you again and I hope your birthday is a special one because you deserve it. 

Love Shoshanna. Shoshanna Bauer, Teacher at Creation Art Studios

(all that stuff below?  It's in part due to you :) )
-- Fine Art and Watercolors--

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                        Comments and Reflections of  Local Teachers
            Earning Continuing Professional Development Units, CPDU's
                        at Creation Art Studios in Urbana, IL,

                        The Best Features of The Classes and the Teachers Exhibit 

Intentions of Participants in The Teachers Exhibit:
" To gain confidence and experience in exhibiting my own artwork and to learn about the process involved in creating an exhibition. To grow in my own discovery of what art is to me."

"To show my students that I am an artist as well as a teacher. Helped me to relate to students who are frustrated with idea generation or with glaze results (in ceramics). I was grateful for the studio time. Started on my monotype at our school art club: I thought that was good for my serious art students to see me in this process." 

"To present my work along with the work of other artists in a  friendly place. To have open discussions
and exchanges of ideas and to give encouragement to others as well as to receive some myself!"

"To share my work as a student and to analyze the progress I  accomplish with each piece of art. Also, to use art as a form to connect with myself which helps me to relax."

Comments about the show: 
"...participating with other artists and contributing to the understanding our how important art is in the comunity an the world. It was the best experience to describe and discuss my work with many interesting people in the community as well as other colleagues."

"Exhibiting my work, talking to people about the work and hearing their reactions. I thought the work was displayed well and lit well. A very good crowd of people came."

"Artwork presented to the public. Diversity and the process of how art can inspire other people."

"Creation Art Studios is definitely a place to learn, get inspired and mainly to develop hidden talents in each individual of all ages."

"Jeannine, It was a great pleasure talking to you again. I can never forget someone who gave me the courage to continue and to take the time to be me. As much as Ken always used to tell me, do something for yourself that you like that you enjoy. I though always it was the school, and when I discover I like art and I have a talent, then here I am, inspired by a wonderful and talented human being. Jeanine, you are a great person, a good friend. Please, think there will always be a place for you here in Champaign."
E-mail form Cris, regular member of the studio earning CPDU's and participant in Teacher's Exhibit, owner of Marajita's World Day Care, Champaign, IL


                                           The Art of Creation
                           Jeannine Bestoso's
Works in Progress
                                   (from article in CU Cityview by Drew Frist)

Jeannine Bestoso, owner of Creation Art Studio, darts around the floors of her studio. She stops at a pedestal of clay figurines."This boy here, he's from Peru.This is his mother's work-there and there," Bestoso says."They come every week together.They wouldn't miss it for anything...

Bestoso's pride and excitement about her students' work is clear. Just this year Bestoso opened the new Creation Art Studio, a studio and gallery space in East Urbana. The space is a tribute to the creations and talent of her students, associates and herself. "I have an incredible need to build," Bestoso says. "Building and creating are very important-they promote well-being and purpose. "All artists build and create but Bestoso, an artist herself, lives for it. 

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                                      CU Cityview :: ISSUE_121302 - [Cached Version]
                                                                                      Published on: 12/13/2002    

                                More Documented  News Releases
                                                 Local Creation at Work: the217.com
                                             Article in Buzz Magazine by Courtney Hrejsa

 "Located at 1102 W. Washington in Urbana, Creation Art Studios and Gallery appears relatively unassuming from the outside. Once inside, however, ..."

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