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                                                     2019 Classes Around Town 

BESTOSO STUDIO  with Jeannine   
Tuesdays 12:30 to 2:30  - Ongoing - No  class  May 13
$20 pay as you go
To register call 401-847-8034

Other classes with Jeannine
April - - The Still Life, Interiors and Outdoors 

May - Follow the Leader  A guided 3 hour painting session. See more description below.
June A Therapeutic Art Series: Grief, Addiction, Discovering Personal Self Affirmations 
Read descriptions below.

 Carving in Plaster  (outdoor class)
June 26 to July 31 

  Click on the image to see a detailed description on carving. 



 2019  Spring Classes:  Drawing and Painting
To register for Edward King House classes call 401 846-7426 or sign up online at:

Spring Class Schedule begins in April.  Dates coming soon.

Tuesdays 12:30 to 2:30  

No  class  May 13


View Peter Pochna's painting here to see
 his series of a first time exploration of color relationships, design and whimsy. 



2019 Spring Classes with Jeannine:

Watercolor Basics and Beyond
April 10 to May 8
Wednesdays      1:00 to 4:00

Watercolor Basics and Beyond
May 23 to June 20

Thursdays           6:00 to 9:00    

Workshop:  Expressions in Watercolor
June 3 to June 5     9:30 to 12:30
Register on line at:

      View a variety of artwork by some former students from previous studio locations 


 TECHNIQUES with Jeannine: 
Learn studio foundations in your medium of choice, 
try a new medium or continue on a an established path. Resources are available to help students with their choices for subject matter.  Still life setups are available. 


                                                Mindful Drawings by Jeannine 

                                       Drawing is the key foundation skill for artists.                                                       




DRAWING: work with graphite, charcoal, pen, brush and ink, colored pencils and pastels.  

Drawing is the foundation skill for any artist. Many students say they need to practice and understand how drawing works.  
We work from master drawings and still life settings to train the eye to see all the nuances 
of line, shape, the effects of lighting, shading, and texture and the discerning elements of design and composition. 
PAINTING: work with any water base paints or oils.  
Students will work from their own photos, drawings, and life expe
riences to create their own compositions. 
Guidance and support is always available for color choices and mixing, the how tos of painting techniques, critical considerations and adjustments with an ongoing work, demonstrations and information about 
painting materials. 
             Jane Hence, Oils                                 Margo, Oils                           Margo, Oils
             Sam, Water color                      Bob Clark, Graphite                           Sam, Watercolor 

                      Virginia painting                                       Virginia, Pastel  
                                                       Sam's lighthouse 

                                   Cherry working on a portrait of her dogs

                                       Follow the Leader 

                 For a Private Party:  contact Jeannine at 401-714-7263 or 847-8034

                                                         Edward Hopper Painting by Jeannine Bestoso, acrylic

Minimum: 6 students / Maximum 6 or 7  students
COST: $30. person pre-pay or $35. at the door  / includes supplies
Workshop Description:

You will learn step by step on how to start and finish a painting. Some do it in 3 hours. 
You get the basics down and build to the level that satisfies you.  Options for subject matter
within a group are available with step by step handouts.  

Option 1: Follow your own lead.

Work on your own ideas or choose from instructor's resources.
Option 2: Follow instructor's lead.
Try it.  Its fun and relaxing and you won't believe you did it!

View some of the steps below to see how the painting Fog Warning by Winslow Homer was 
developed. (Beginning and final steps are not shown.)

Fog Warning step 3    Fog Warning step 5    Fog Warning step 7
 What we're aiming for: 
Each artist's own interpretation of the Homer painting below in regards to color, style,
expression and personal preferences. Each artist completes a unique painting.  

               Fog Warning by Winslow Homer 
                                  Fog Warning by Homer                 Copy by Jeannine Bestoso

                                         Follow the Leader  

                                    Painters and Their Paintings

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